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Or haGan is growing synagogue of joyful worship, dedicated learning, and tzedakah-focused people of all ages, from 5–95 who are gathering regularly in Eugene Oregon.

Our congregation is a member of the Union of Reform Judaism.

We are comprised of a spectrum of congregants, from Jews that were born Jewish with outstanding backgrounds to Jews who have recently entered into the Covenant as well as those in process of doing so. We welcome people of all religious backgrounds.

Shabbat services usually happen twice each month. Please refer to our locations and calendar.

Upcoming Congregational Events

The Dead Sea Scrolls in Historical and Literary Perspective - Monday evenings, January 22nd to March 5th, with Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, at Temple Beth Israel

Modern Jewish Philosophy: From Spinoza to Reb Zalman - Monday evenings for six weeks, with Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, at Temple Beth Israel

torah scroll

This week's Torah Reading

Tetzaveh תְּצַוֶּה (You shall command)

Exodus 27:20 to 30:10, Ezekiel 43:10-27


Or haGan Jewish Community   •   PO Box 5582, Eugene OR 97405   •   cell phone 541-520-3434   •   rabbiseidel@gmail.com

Or haGan is registered as a non-profit organization, under statute 501 (c)(3).
Our Board of Directors has six members plus Rabbi Jonathan Seidel.